Workers from Fiji have a good understanding of Australian culture and are experienced in the agriculture, hospitality and tourism and meat processing sectors.

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Where is Fiji?

Fiji is a group of more than 300 islands with a population of approximately 890,000 people. Most of the population lives on the two main islands, Vanua Levu and Viti Levu.  

Fiji is one of the most developed economies in the South Pacific and has an abundance of natural resources.

The main languages spoken among Fiji’s cosmopolitan population are English, Fijian and Hindi. This means Fijians adapt very well to cross-cultural environments.  

As a close neighbour to Australia, most Fijians have a good understanding of Australian culture. There are direct and affordable flights daily to Australia from Fiji. 

Why recruit workers from Fiji?

Fiji can provide unskilled, low-skilled and semi-skilled workers to fill labour shortages in Australia.  

In Fiji, the National Employment Centre (NEC) recruits, processes and prepares workers for overseas employment. 

NEC staff are experienced in worker recruitment and have an in-depth understanding of Australian industry and employer needs.

The NEC has a rigorous selection process that ensures Australian businesses recruit the best and most suitable workers.   

Fijian workers selected to be part of the Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) and Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) work-ready pools: 

  • have good communication skills  
  • have passed a police check 
  • have passed a full medical and fitness test (for SWP work-ready pool applicants) 
  • are motivated by a strong work ethic 
  • are friendly, personable and polite community members  
  • are specifically matched to meet employer needs. 
A Fijian worker picking citrus fruit at Costa Farm in Renmark, South Australia.

Fiji has a vast range of industries and workers with diverse experience, as well as a good track record of participation in labour mobility schemes in Australia and New Zealand.

Fiji currently has workers placed in the Australian agriculture, hospitality and tourism and meat processing sectors.  

In Fiji, primary, secondary and tertiary education is all in English, so workers have excellent English communication skills. Fiji has a strong education system with high-quality graduates.

Strong work ethic

Fijians generally have a strong work ethic, are motivated and are physically fit. They have a reputation for being friendly, personable and polite.

Fijian culture attaches great importance to family and communitygiving workers the ability to cooperate and collaborate as a team. 

Hospitality and tourism specialists

  • Fiji has a world-class international tourism industry that employs approximately 45,000 people. As a result, many Fijians are experienced in hospitality and accommodation servicesskills that are directly transferable to the Australian tourism market.  
  • Fijian staff have been servicing the Australian and international tourist market for a long time. As a close neighbour, most Fijians understand Australian culture. 
  • Fijians are experienced in providing accommodation, transportation, guest services, food and beverage, and sport and recreation services for the tourism industry.  
  • Fiji has skilled staff who are ready to work as cleaners, room attendants, laundry workers, kitchen stewards, front of house, commis chefs, food and beverage attendants, drivers and garden maintenance workers.  

For Fijians, the opportunity to work in Australia is life-changing. Most Fijians take the opportunity to represent their country abroad seriously, and therefore act with integrity.

To recruit workers under the Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) or the Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS), an Australian employer must be registered as an Approved Employer, or they must recruit workers through a labour-hire firm that is an Approved Employer.

To find out more about becoming an Approved Employer, visit the SWP employer information page on the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business website or the PLS employer information page.

Once approved, employers can recruit workers through Fiji’s National Employment Centre’s (NEC) work-ready pool or through direct recruitment.

For more information, contact the NEC by phone (+679 3310331) or by email ( or

The Australian Government has two visa schemes available for Fijians to work in Australia.

The Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) provides access to unskilled work opportunities for up to nine months in the Australian agricultural and accommodation sectors (in selected locations).

The Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) enables citizens of Fiji to take up low-skilled and semi-skilled work in rural and regional Australia for one to three years. 

For information about the SWP or the PLS please direct enquiries to the NEC: (phone) +679 3310331 or visit your local the National Employment Centre (NEC) office in one of the following locations. 

Suva Office
Ground Floor, Civic House
Townhall Raod, Suva
Phone: +679 3310331/3310801

Sigatoka Office
Kesuna Building
Solevu Main Street, Sigatoka
Phone: +679 6500977

Nadi Office
Level 3, Jagdish Gosai Building
Namaka, Nadi
Phone: +679 6702429

Lautoka Office
Level 1, Tavaiqia House
Tavewa Avenue, Lautoka
Phone: +679 6660305

Ba Office
Level 1, Koronubu House
Koronubu Street, Ba
Phone: +679 6674732

Labasa Office
Level 2, Ratu Raobe Building
Jaduram Street, Labasa
Phone: +679 8811643

Savusavu Office
Vunilagi Building
Main Street, Savusavu
Phone: +679 8850414

To register for the Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP), a Fijian applicant must: 

  • be 21 years or older
  • be unemployed and registered with the National Employment Centre (NEC)
  • hold a valid passport for the duration of the contract
  • be physically fit and healthy for the work specified (some employers require workers to pass a fitness test)
  • have no police criminal record 
  • be of good character, no drinking or behavioural concerns 
  • demonstrate a positive attitude to work and a willingness to learn. 

 To register for the Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS), a Fijian applicant must: 

  • be between 2145 years old
  • hold a valid passport for the duration of the contract
  • be physically fit and healthy for the work specified 
  • have no police criminal record (workers who have lived in a foreign country for 12 months or more after the age of 16, or worked on a foreign ship for 12 months or more, require a police check from that country)
  • be of good character 
  • have qualifications and/or work experience required by employers 
  • have a reasonable standard of English unless Australian licensing mandates a higher standard 
  • demonstrate a positive attitude to work and a willingness to learn and commit to the employer’s values. 

It is free to join the SWP and the PLS; these programs are only managed by the NEC.

Complete a registration form at a National Employer Centre office or at a registration event.

Candidates need to bring their CV, passport, birth certificate, referees and any relevant work/qualification/licence documentation.

Former seafarers should bring their official logbook detailing any service at sea over the past 10 years. 

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