What type of workers do you need?

Are you an employer looking for short-term, unskilled seasonal workers through the Seasonal Worker Programme? Or are you looking for longer-term, low-skilled or semi-skilled workers through the Pacific Labour Scheme? Find out how to get involved—and how Pacific island and Timor-Leste workers are supported when they come to work in Australia.

What is the Pacific Labour Scheme?

The Pacific Labour Scheme (PLS) builds on the success of the Australian Government’s Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP), which has allowed Australian businesses to recruit unskilled workers from Pacific island countries since 2012.

Both the SWP and the PLS are Pacific labour mobility initiatives that allow eligible rural and regional employers to access a reliable and productive workforce when there are not enough available local workers.

The benefits of Pacific labour mobility

  1. Pacific labour mobility can help eligible businesses in rural and regional Australia recruit workers when they can’t fill jobs with local workers.
  2. Pacific labour mobility can deliver a stable, productive workforce where local labour is not available.
  3. The SWP allows employers to recruit unskilled workers for up to nine months, while the PLS allows employers to recruit low-skilled and semi-skilled workers for one to three years.

To find out more about the SWP, visit the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business’ SWP website, phone the information line (02 6240 5234; 9am to 5pm (AEDT), Monday to Friday) or get in touch by email (seasonalworker@employment.gov.au).

Or to learn more about the PLS, phone the information line (+61 7 3775 7750) or send an email (enquiries@pacificlabourfacility.com.au).

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